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 이스라엘 KPC 책임자의 현 상황 대처에 대한 공고
kibbutz  Home 2012-11-21 11:39:33, H : 2,208, V : 356


이스라엘 KPC 책임자의 현 상황 대처에 대한 공지 메일을 올려드립니다.
키부츠에 계시는 분들은 각 키부츠의 발런티어 리더(매니저)의 지시를 잘 따라주시길 바랍니다.

가자 접경 지역의 키부츠에 있던 발런티어들은 지난주 목요일 철수하였고 현재 타 키부츠로
옮겼거나  여행을 원하는 분들은 이스라엘 여행을 하고 있습니다.

이스라엘 현지에 계시는 분들과 키부츠를 가기위해 준비하시는 분들은 이스라엘 영문 뉴스를
참고해주시면 현재 상황 및 속보를 파악할 수 있습니다.

Jerusalem Post-
Haaretz           -

또한 주 이스라엘 한국 대사관 사이트도 참고바랍니다.


Dear All,

Thank you for your care, your prayers and your blessings.

Although things might sound terrible on the news, I want you to know that the volunteers are fine. The volunteer leaders in the Kibbutzim are in direct contract with them. They asked them to contact their parents in the following hours, in order to calm them down and they are attentive to their needs and feelings.

The volunteers near the Gaza strip were evacuated yesterday. Some asked to be placed in another Kibbutz for a temporarily time until things will calm down and they could return to "their" Kibbutz near the Gaza area; Some were placed in another Kibbutz until they will finish their volunteering period; Some went to their friends or family; Some decided to return home and some preferred to travel since their visa is about to expire and they are supposed to go back home.

All kibbutz's all over the country have shelters where members of the kibbutz, including all volunteers must  go there when upon instruction by the kibbutz security officer. He is also the one which should decide whether volunteers should be evacuated from the kibbutz or even leave the country.  

Many Kibbutzim in the south and in the north have offered their hospitality for the volunteers and we are grateful to them for that.

All volunteers know that they are free to leave when ever they want and no one is expecting them to stay, but most of them choose to stay (at least so far). Of course, if the parents are worried, they can speak, write and also tell their children to come back home.

We  can't predict how long this situation is going to last and to what extreme, but as Israelis we know that at some point things will relax and get back to normal.
I am sorry that I can't be more specific (if I could I would have been the prime minister probably..)

I will try to keep you posted as much as I can and as much as I know.  

Let us hope that we will have a quiet and safe shabat.  

Best regards,

Aya Sagi
Director of the volunteer Department
at the Kibbutz movement
6 Frishman Str. Tel Aviv 61030
Mobile : 972-50-7677939
Tel: 972-3-5246154/6
Fax: 972-3-5239966


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